Monday, June 7, 2010

Elephant? What Elephant?

BP Oil Spill

"When there’s an elephant in
the room, introduce him."

Randy Pausch (1960-2008)
American Author and Lecturer

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The Prepper Shaker: When the Elephant Knocks at Your Door

Disasters of all kinds, including the unfolding catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, can and do have the potential to forcibly evict millions of people from their homes. Americans are told that they should have on hand at least 72 hours worth of preparedness supplies. While that doesn’t guarantee your survival in an emergency, it’s better to have resources available to grab and go than to find yourself asking where your next meal is going to come from or where you can get drinking water when the elephant comes knocking at your door.

How do you put together a 72-hour (or longer) emergency kit on a budget? BlindSquirl, a new contributor to Doctor Prepper's Journal, shares what has worked for him, with focus on affordability and function.

Download: 72-Hour (or Longer) Emergency Kit on a Budget

From the Funny Farm: How to Meet God

Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord. Trespassing is faster!

Prep Talk: Got Your Ears On?

A Native American and his friend were in downtown New York City, walking near Times Square. It was during the noon lunch hour, and the streets were filled with people.

Cars were honking their horns, taxicabs were squealing around corners, sirens were wailing, and the sounds of the city were almost deafening. Suddenly, the Native American said, "I hear a cricket."

His friend said, "What? You must be crazy. You couldn't possibly hear a cricket in all of this noise!"

"No, I'm sure of it," the Native American said, "I heard a cricket."

"That's crazy," said the friend.

The Native American listened carefully for a moment. Then he walked across the street to a big cement planter where some shrubs were growing. He looked beneath the branches, and sure enough, he located a small cricket. His friend was utterly amazed.

"That's incredible," said his friend. "You must have super-human ears!"

"No," said the Native American. "My ears are no different from yours. It all depends on what you're listening for."

"But that can't be!" said the friend. "I could never hear a cricket in this noise."

"Yes, it's true," came the reply."It depends on what is really important to you. Here, let me show you."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins, discreetly dropping them on the sidewalk. And then, with the noise of the crowded street still blaring in their ears, every head within twenty feet turned and looked to see if the money that clinked on the pavement was theirs.

"See what I mean?" asked the Native American.
"It all depends on what's important to you."

- Author Unknown

Best Regards,
Sharon Iezzi
Your Hoppy-Go-Lucky Editor

Parting Shot: Bee-Prepared!

A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window.

The bee said, "What seems to be the problem?"

"I'm out of gas," the man replied.

The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of bees flew to his car and into his gas tank. After a few minutes, the bees flew out.

"Try it now," said one bee.

The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up. "Wow!" the man exclaimed, "What did you put in my gas tank?"

The bee answered:

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