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Getting Prepared: What's in YOUR Pantry?

Several decades ago just about every home had a
walk-in pantry adjacent to the kitchen. Back then
the economy was primarily rural. People grew,
preserved and stored most of their own food. It
took at least a full day just to travel to the
nearest store to purchase provisions. In those
days a well-stocked pantry usually meant the
difference between living well and living poorly,
or even starving to death.

The need for a well-stocked pantry hasn't changed;
but nowadays, people in the more technologically
advanced areas of the world generally depend on
and expect the vast global network of supermarkets,
superstores and convenience stores to provide that
well-stocked pantry for them. And most of the time
this public "walk-in pantry" system works just
fine. However ... Read full article here.

From the Funny Farm: Q & A

Q. What do prepared cannibals eat most often?
A. Prepper steak.

Q. What do you call a well-prepared 3 day old fox?
A. A 72 hour kit.

Prep Talk: Cache for Cluckers

We live in a town where having chickens in the city
limits is prohibited--or was--until my husband and
I successfully demonstrated to members of our town
council that our 6 hens and one rooster could be
discreetly kept in a backyard coop and fenced yard
with responsible care.

Each morning I remove the night's droppings from
the coop floor, and each evening I clean up the
chicken yard using my very own chicken "pooper
scooper." I find that keeping chickens in town
requires about as much work as keeping small dogs,
but with one BIG difference:

My pets make me breakfast!

In return for about an hour's work each day I get
lots of fresh eggs, free entertainment and
fertilizer for the garden. Such a deal!

As for the rooster: I've trained him to do his
crowing inside the coop, which muffles the sound
considerably. He almost never crows during the
day because he's learned that crowing outside gets
him put

If you're thinking about creating your own "cache
for cluckers," now's the time! We did it in our own
backyard on an 80x120 foot city lot located just
a block and a half from city hall, and so can you.

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