Friday, November 27, 2009

Well how do you do!

We're off to a flying start today! Grab your
goggles, fasten your seat belt, and prepare
to be propped...up!!!

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The Prepper Shaker: Top 10 Reasons Why The Future of America Depends on Survivalists & Preppers

There has been a lot of derogatory talk lately
about "preppers" and "survivalists" ...
Read full article here.

From the Funny Farm: The Plane Truth

A Prepper, a Preacher and a Politician are flying
in a bush plane over Alaska. There are 3 parachutes
on board. Suddenly the plane has engine trouble and
the pilot says, "Sorry guys, we're going down and
I've got a wife and kids who need me. He graps one
of the parachutes, opens the door, and jumps. The
Politician grabs the next one and says, "I'm one of
the elite--the smartest people in the world. You
are just riff-raff and deserve to die." And out he
goes. The Preacher then says to the Prepper, "You
go ahead, son. I've lived a good life and I'm ready
to meet my Maker." "Not yet," says the Prepper.
"That guy who just left, one of the 'smartest
people in the world,' took my go bag!"

Prep Talk: Dry It. You'll Like It!

Drying foods in-home is the simplest, least
expensive and most fascinating method of food
preservation. Dried food products normally
keep longer, cost less to prepare, and take
less storage space.

Since food drying uses lower temperatures
than canning, almost all of the vitamins,
minerals, and enzymes are retained intact.
As a bonus, dried foods are full of fiber,
have no refined sugars added, and have
concentrated amounts of naturally occurring
nutrients, sugars and flavors.

Drying may be done in the sun, in an oven, or
in an electric home dehydrator. Families without
hungry children or nosy pets may be able to use
heating ducts or furnace rooms as heat sources,
or the tops of counters and open spaces.

In earlier times, the sun was the prime heat
source for drying. I remember in my youth picking,
preparing, paring, slicing, dicing and laying out
the fruits and vegetables on wood frames with
cheesecloth. This was the family's evening
entertainment as we listened to The Green Hornet,
The Shadow, and The Gene Autrey Show. I also
recall that it was doubly entertaining for my
grandmother--she got a kick out of seeing us work!
It was indeed worth the work when she cooked up
some great vittles from the pantry in the cold of

Dehydrated foods reconstitute in minutes by
simply soaking in water or adding to a soup,
casserole, or other recipe. The Quick Guides
in Making the Best of Basics provide details
for drying and rehydrating each type of fruit
and vegetable.

You'll find more about dehydrating and using
dehydrated foods, as well as many listings of
equipment dealers and suppliers online at:

For more information, monthly updates, detailed
preparedness coaching, downloads, and exclusives, go to:

Parting Shot:

A golfer drove his tee shot onto an anthill.
After many swings he demolished the anthill,
but still had not hit the ball. At this point
one of the two ants still alive turned to the
other ant and said, "If we're going to survive,
we'd better get on the ball!"

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