Friday, December 4, 2009

When life hands you pig guts...

Did 'ya hear about the poor butcher who backed into a
meat grinder and got a little behind in his work? The
daily grind can be so unkind. When life hands you pig
guts, make sausage!

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From the Funny Farm: Technology
for Preppers

Upload: Food storage in attic.
Download: Food storage in basement.
Website: Where the spiders in your survival gear hang out.
Web Bots: Dead things the spiders eat.
Debug: What you do to the spiders.
Laptop: Place where the kitty sleeps.
Keyboard: Where you hang the truck keys.
Mouse: What gets into your 50lb bags of grain.
Mouse Pad: Where the mouse lives, silly!

Prep Talk: School for Life

'Ya know what? It really DOES matter where you go
to get an education. Take the easy way out now and
you'll pay for it the rest of your life.

As a junior in high school in the 1960's I had the
choice of attending my local high school in suburban
Detroit or attending another school in downtown
Detroit that offered a much higher quality of

To get to the downtown school I would be travelling
45 minutes each way by city bus through some of the
toughest neighborhoods in urban America. To make
matters worse, this was a huge school: 8 stories high,
occupying a full city block, with an enrollment of
almost 5,000 students of every race, culture,
religion, and ethnic group imaginable. Yikes!

If I had stayed at my neighborhood high school I
would probably have graduated at or near the top
of my class. But I chose the other school and
graduated 68th in a class of 787.

Education for me meant much more than just getting
good grades. My two years at Detroit's "Cass Tech"
(as the school was affectionately called) taught me
to face challenges head-on instead of running from
them. I also learned that people from vastly
different backgrounds and cultures really can (if
they want to) find a way to get along and work
together toward common goals. I may not have
learned these valuable life lessons in time to do
something constructive with them if I had taken
the easy way out with my education.

Will you or one of your children soon be making a
big decision about education? Please think about
the consequences 40 years from now and choose

Live to learn ... so you can learn to live.

Best Regards,
Sharon Iezzi
Your Hoppy-Go-Lucky Editor

Parting Shot:

What's the difference between Recession and Depression?

  • Recession - when your neighbor loses his job.
  • Depression - when you lose your job.

Remember: When life hands you pig guts, make sausage!

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